Menu de la semaine, organisation et planification avec Isabelle Huot
For many, the organization and planning of meals is an eternal headache, a real challenge...day after day...week after week!


Efficient planning saves a substantial amount of time. Good planning also means more money and less food waste!

Here are some tips to apply on a daily basis to simplify meal preparation and eat healthier:

  1. Once a week, we go around the flyers to spot the specials. We stay tuned! Not all specials are always worth it!

  2. As a family, each member can select one or two recipes to cook, inspired by the specials of the week. Chicken breasts are on sale at the local supermarket. It's time to wow the family by cooking your tasty Mexican chicken breasts!

  3. According to the schedule of each member of the family, the meal schedule is established. This avoids putting Julie's recipe on the menu the night of her gymnastics training.

  4. Make a grocery list with the basic foods to buy each week: milk, bread, cheese, eggs, etc. We complete it with the ingredients that will be necessary for the recipes chosen beforehand.

  5. Revise the grocery list based on the layout of the supermarket. Ideally, we gather foods from the same food groups together in order to save time and steps once on site. In addition, this strategy avoids rows where it is not necessary to go, especially those where chips, soft drinks and other sugary treats are presented. Exit the temptations!

  6. Upon returning from the grocery store, we immediately wash, cut and prepare the fruits and vegetables so that they are ready to be eaten. In addition to encouraging consumption, this step is essential to counter food waste. Who says less waste says more money!

  7. We choose a day of the week to cook a few meals in advance. Just find the best time for each family member's schedule. We favor the preparation of recipes for stews and larger family dishes that we will simply reheat in the evening.

  8. We take the opportunity to cook recipes for soups and muffins that we can freeze. This allows you to always have a nutritious and homemade starter or snack on hand.

  9. On weekday evenings, weather permitting, we cook express recipes (less than 30 minutes) inspired by cookbooks.

  10. We cook in doubles, why not even in quadruples, and we freeze in individual portions for the weeks when time is short.

Your meal plan has some flaws We take the pace one step at a time and every step in the right direction matters! If necessary, we ask for help. Know that this type of advice is part of the expertise of nutritionists!!

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