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The agri-food industry is booming and some companies stand out, for different reasons; innovation, product quality, expansion, etc. #QUEBEC #CANADA


During this holiday season, why not highlight local businesses. Although we often talk about Quebec companies and their success, the arrival of Canada Day has made me wonder about the Canadian companies that I particularly like. Spotlight on these favorite Quebec and Canadian companies.s.

Fountain health

Innovation and health are at the heart of the company's achievements. It is in Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada that the company distributes salads, dips, hummus and frozen desserts. Personally, I love the hummus made from various legumes (edamame beans or white beans) as well as their new organic selection. Recently, we learned that the company had purchased shares of Garden Fresh Gourmet, a division of Campbell. A purchase that lets us guess a great expansion on the American side!


Did you know that the company set up by the Catelli family opened the very first pasta factory in Canada Although the pasta of this name has been present in Canadian families since 1867, it is in Montreal that the latter day view. Carlos Catelli, the man behind this very first factory, played an important role in the development of Montreal's Little Italy. Personally, I like to recommend their Healthy Harvest and Ancient Grains ranges. This whole grain pasta is an excellent source of fibre!!

Arctic Garden

Fresh frozen fruits and vegetables from Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, here is the very simple, but not irrelevant offer of the company Arctic Garden. The new version of Canada's Food Guide allows us to question our current vegetable consumption. Despite the good intentions of the population, several constraints can hinder optimal consumption. Among these, we find the lack of time and inspiration to cook them as well as the avoidance of food waste. All these problems can be avoided by using frozen vegetables! An alternative to consider.


In Quebec, Evive's reputation is second to none! Be aware, however, that the company quickly conquered the Ontario and Western Canadian market! At Evive, the nutritional quality of the smoothies is very interesting. There are natural ingredients, as well as an interesting amount of fiber and protein. Unfortunately, this is a benefit found in very few fruity beverages of this kind. Thanks to the ease of use of the product, many Canadians start the day with a nutritious breakfast! And what about the charming couple behind these delicious recipes…

St-Method Bakery

You are a fan of products from us Me too! Thanks to its constant efforts in research and development as well as a marked concern for health, St-Méthode has won the hearts of Quebecers. Always at the forefront and attentive to consumer needs, the company has and will keep the wind in its sails! St-Méthode breads stand out for their high content of dietary fiber and vegetable protein. These are also among the least salty on the market. Cheer!!

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