Des conseils pour réutiliser les restants de vos repas. Un article signé Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition pour la Boulangerie St-Méthode.


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For many, leftovers end up in the trash, what a waste! My tips for reducing waste by reinventing leftovers!

leftover turkey

Turkey is a classic Thanksgiving meal. Some ideas for using leftovers:

  • Make a turkey-ricotta and pear sandwich, a delight with Campagnolo bread.
  • Add turkey cubes to your vegetable and rice soup for a hearty comforting soup
  • Add Turkey Strips to Your Asian Ginger Vegetable Stir Fry
  • Make a Mexican dinner with turkey, avocado, salsa, sour cream and whole wheat tortilla
  • Make a risotto with green peas and cubed turkey.

Leftover mashed potatoes

Appreciated by all, mash is often made in large quantities. To avoid wasting this famous puree, several variants are possible:

  • Make a parmentier (minced veal and mashed potatoes for example) or a shepherd's pie
  • Prepare spicy tuna or salmon croquettes
  • Add mashed celeriac or other vegetables to add variety
  • Mix the mash with cheese and diced prosciutto, add egg yolks, make balls, coat with breadcrumbs and cook at high temperature

Leftover cooked vegetables

There are vegetables left and you don't know how to use them Some options::

  • Puree them, add vegetable broth and spices and you have a delicious soup.
  • Incorporate them into stews or stir-fries at the end of cooking to avoid overcooking them.
  • Add to omelettes and quiches
  • Purée and add to your recipes for muffins, cookies, etc.

Bread that tends to dry out

Your bread has lost its freshness Never mind, here are some tasty recipes to enjoy..

  • Make a casserole with eggs, vegetables and pieces of bread from La Harvest de St-Méthode. A delight for Sunday brunch.
  • Make croutons that you will add to your homemade Caesar salad or to a Panzanella type salad
  • Garnish the bread with pesto and aged goat cheese, grill in the oven and serve on a squash and apple soup
  • Pass the bread through a food processor to make fine breadcrumbs that you will marry with the spices of your choice
  • Make French toast and serve topped with creamy yogurt

A few tips can help reduce waste:

Reduce revenue yield

The majority of recipes found on websites or in books are calculated for 4 to 6 servings. You can easily cut the recipe in half without affecting the end result.

Choose recipes that freeze

Opt for recipes that freeze well, so you'll have ready-made meals that you can enjoy later. Plan to freeze in individual portions for ease of later use.

Share the leftovers with those around you

Another option to reduce waste is to share our recipes with relatives, friends and colleagues.

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