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Whether you eat in a restaurant every lunchtime or only occasionally, a few basic tips are essential in order to make sensible choices.


It is important not to see a restaurant outing as an element of stress. It is possible to make good choices without having to deprive yourself!

Here are some tips to apply before, during and even after the restaurant visit in order to savor each bite without guilt!

Before arriving at the restaurant

  • Avoid restricting food intake and avoiding meal skipping.Depriving yourself during the day in order to control daily calories is a mistake! Indeed, when you arrive hungry at the restaurant, you inevitably consume more calories. In such circumstances, both the quantity and the quality of the food consumed will be affected.
  • Eat a light snack. Restaurant dinners are often scheduled later than the usual evening meal time at home. Don't be afraid to have a small snack just before you leave for the restaurant. Before food choices are made and meals are served, there can be a long delay, which can cause hunger levels to spike. It will therefore be more difficult to listen to his signals of satiety.

During the restaurant visit

  • Start the meal with water ! Whether it is still, sparkling and added with citrus slices, water will advantageously replace the sweet cocktail, juice or soft drink.
  • Why not opt for 2 varied starters rather than for a starter followed by a main meal The portions will then be more acceptable, without deprivation in terms of the variety of foods!!
  • Give preference to the choices of dishes that are served with a generous portion of vegetables.
  • We make our special requests to the waiter or waitress : vinaigrette and sauce on the side, replace the fries with a salad, moderate portion of meat, etc.
    • We share dessert. It's hard not to take a look at the dessert menu in a restaurant! These are often very tempting. Caramel and chocolate are often in the spotlight! Why not share this sweet treat If the intake of the meal has been well managed, a few bites of a dessert do not spoil anything. As the proposed portions are too generous, sharing a dessert is a perfect idea!!

After lunch

  • Why not walk a little after the meal At lunchtime, walking to and from the restaurant with colleagues is an ideal trick for burning a few calories and optimizing digestion. In the evening, simply park the car a few blocks from the restaurant!!

Staying tuned to your hunger and satiety signals is always a win-win, even at restaurants! You can certainly spoil yourself without overdoing it. Even from a health perspective, sharing a delicious meal with people you love is a precious moment that you shouldn't miss!

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