2020 will have been different in many ways! Telework, experienced by the vast majority of us, has also had repercussions in our lives!

Since the start of confinement, consumer eating habits have been disrupted. While many have regained their chef's apron, others are completely confused. On the one hand, the prevalence of eating disorders is on the rise and many people have a difficult relationship with food. On the other hand, trends such as the appeal of the hearty lunch and the slow cooking» surface. For several months, my team has been working with a clientele destabilized by this new reality. What are the new food issues that concern Quebecers Here are our conclusions and recommendations after a few months of observation..

The lack of structure: a major challenge for many!

The main problem experienced by our clients is the lack of structure linked to the increase in available time. Who would have thought... since for years we have been working with customers who have little time to cook! Today, with less busy schedules, our customers no longer find it necessary to take a moment totake inventory of foodstuffs, organize shopping, develop the weekly menu and prepare meals for the week. Result Nothing to eat when noon strikes!!

You work from home Continue to plan your meals, shop accordingly, and have a few options to help you out. For this purpose, a well-stocked freezer can often help!!

My range of ready-to-eat meals has gained popularity in recent months. For some, it is very reassuring to have balanced meals ready to enjoy in the freezer. Saving a few for when you get caught off guard is great!

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Create an environment conducive to healthy lifestyles

You think it's a lack of discipline that keeps you from resisting treats from the pantry Well no! It's tempting for most of us to opt for comfort foods out of boredom, or simply, for the sake of it. Unfortunately, moments of boredom or loneliness have been more present over the past year. Put the odds on your side by avoiding keeping a pantry stocked with various sweets. There can certainly be a few, but generally speaking, keep plenty of healthy, nutritious foods..

think about yourself

When you share almost all your time with the members of your family bubble, you can, even without noticing it too much, let yourself be influenced. Do your family members or roommates have a positive impact on the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits? If some seek to modulate your choices or actions, be comfortable saying no. Know how to make yourself respected!!

Nutrients and Flavors

Be careful not to fall into the« all or nothing»! You want to improve your diet and you opt for a green salad without dressing 5 lunches a week You will inevitably get tired of your choice of lunch and the temptation to treat sweets will become great! Healthy cooking can definitely be tasty. Buddha bowls, tartars, shrimp tacos, pesto pasta, chicken and arugula these dishes make you want, no You lack inspiration Choose mymon ChopChopMenu Planner ! For only $9.99 per month, you will receive each week a choice of 10 tasty and balanced recipes as well as the associated grocery list!

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You eat your emotions

You tend to eat in response to the emotions you are experiencing Do some introspection. What emotions drive you to the pantry How do you deal with it when it arises A subject to investigate!r!

You seem to be obsessed with food?

  • If you think you have an eating disorder, call us right away. Professional support is certainly necessary: 1 877 761-5456

The organization ANEB Quebec also offers a helpline and a free chat service to help people with eating disorders:anebquebec.com/contact us

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