Spring is a time of year that makes me very happy, because it's sugar time and I love maple syrup! This local sugar is a must for me, it has rich and complex flavors and I very often include it in my recipes! If I love cooking with maple, I also like to consume different products based on this Quebec treasure. Moreover, recently, I presented you my favorite local products in this video:Maple products.

Did you know?

Quebec produces 73% of the world's maple syrup production! Our producers work hard, and we can be proud of that.

Choose maple

Although maple syrup is a sugar and it is best to consume it in moderation considering its influence on blood sugar, it still contains nutritional values that stand out from other sugars. Indeed, the minerals and components it contains have positive impacts on overall health.

Take stock of the benefits of maple in this video!

Faites le point sur les bienfaits du sirop d'érable et la manière dont il est produit. Une capsule nutrition en collaboration avec MétéoMédia.

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