Consultation with a psychologist

Consultation with a psychologist

Psychologists specializing in eating disorders

You eat your emotions?
Your body image bothers you
Your relationship with food seems unhealthy?
You feel like you are losing control over food?

This personalized service will help you understand your relationship with food and your body, in addition to giving you tools and tips to put into practice.


Some diagnostic criteria for eating disorders:

  • Ongoing concern about food
  • Intense fear of gaining weight
  • Alteration of weight perception
  • Self-esteem influenced excessively by weight and body shape
  • cravings for food
  • Binge episodes with rapid consumption of large amounts of food in a limited time
  • Compensatory behaviors (laxatives, food restrictions, forced vomiting, etc.)
  • Binge eating without compensatory behavior
  • Tendency to chew and spit

Other situations to explore during consultations:

  • Food intake influenced by: stress/fatigue/emotions/etc.
  • Excessive control over food
  • Diminished self-confidence
  • Etc.


  • Dr. Catherine Sénécal and her CHANGE team