"The best ideas for my business were given to me by my clients!"

- A girl who loves broccoli... it exists!
- Young missionary seeks a mission
- Hello media and books!
- From Kilo Solution to Isabelle Huot Doctor of Nutrition

In conclusion, thank you to these women who make us fly far...

There is such a thing as a girl who loves broccoli!

Would you believe that as a little girl, I didn't drink sodas or eat the Vachon cakes we had at home. When my mother wanted to have pizza delivered, I would say, "Order me a salad!

My food choices as a girl were not guided by principles; I simply liked vegetables better, it was natural for me to eat healthy, not an effort. And that's still the case, if I was a vegetarian for many years, I am now a flexitarian. I like the flexibility that my approach brings, if I am invited to a meal where meat is served, I accept it with pleasure. I couldn't be vegan, I'm crazy about cheese.

My philosophy is to eat what is good for my taste buds as well as my health, to explore the various culinary traditions. And, above all, to be curious and respectful of people, their tastes, their particular needs... All my life, differences have never stopped enriching me.

Young missionary seeks a mission

As a teenager, I started volunteering with people living with disabilities. I have always liked to be socially involved. I like to help, it's natural for me.

In fact, I wanted to become a missionary in Africa. At the University of Ottawa, I registered in psychology, then in occupational therapy... before diving into the field of nutrition.

While in Ottawa, I started my first business, Transit Voyages, which organized internships for students abroad as well as leisure travel. I have always had a passion for travel. When I was 18 years old, I went alone to Europe for several months, much to my parents' despair. I then went to study in Switzerland and England. Travelling is one of my greatest pleasures. So far, I have had the chance to travel to 65 countries, to discover landscapes, food cultures and especially extraordinary people.

Although I was accepted in Europe for my PhD, I came back to Quebec to complete it at the University of Montreal.

Hello media and books!

In order to combine my passion for travel with my missionary side, and also to put my knowledge in nutrition to good use, I wanted to join the World Health Organization. I had already participated in research projects and international conferences related to nutrition. But life was about to change my path.

Initially, a career as a media communicator was not a vocation for me. It became a passion while I was practicing it. And, as with the choice of nutrition, I started writing and hosting columns about it by chance... and by opportunism! I wanted my income as a broadcaster to pay for my travels.

I started by writing for the magazine Bel Âge and also a TV column on Canal Vie. Then came Hop la vie, C'est simple comme bonjour, Salut Bonjour, Deux filles le matin, radio(Les midis de Véro, Rythme au travail, written media(Le Journal de Montréal, Le Bel Âge, MOI ET CIE magazine, etc.). And it continues! Even today, I write columns for Le Journal de Montréal and Bel Âge magazine in addition to being a columnist for TVA and radio.

Since then, I have also launched 16 books! My very first book, Les Conseils Santé d'Isabelle, has even been republished and several others have been translated into various languages. While I am happy with these successes, I am especially happy that my books have helped people eat better for better health.

From Kilo Solution to Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition

In 2009, I created Kilo Solution, a network of weight loss clinics bringing together nutritionists, kinesiologists and psychologists.

In addition to consulting and telling people how to eat healthier, why not also offer them balanced meals that would allow them to do so? Not to mention that our clients kept saying that they didn't have enough time to cook.

And I always listen to my customers: the best ideas for my business come from them!

In 2011, Kilo Solution started to produce its food offer: Kitchen tools, healthy frozen meals, healthy snacksfresh meal salads, fresh meals, cereals, spreads, cookie mixes muffin mix, seasonings... And it goes on! Some of these products have won awards that I am proud of.

The company has evolved from Kilo Solution to Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition. The vision of weight loss having evolved considerably over the years, I wanted to broaden my mission and my vision to reach more people.

In conclusion, thank you to these women who make us fly far...

That's where I am now. You might say that my life has been full so far, and I can't disagree.

Doctor in nutrition, columnist, author, businesswoman, spokesperson for the St-Méthode Bakery and the Association des producteurs maraîchers du Québec, involved in several social causes such as the Telus Montreal Community Investment Committee... Yes, that's a lot of hats to wear.

But that's what it means to be passionate about your work and about people! Fortunately, I'm not alone.

There are all the people who have given me the honor of working with me, mostly women, and the great team at Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition, a 100% female company... A big thank you, girls! Thanks to you and to our customers, our company will fly even further!