The majority of us do not consume enough fiber on a daily basis. Let me convince you of their importance!

First of all, what is dietary fiber We know that it is important to consume it by dint of having heard it everywhere around us But why?nc?

Fibers are carbohydrates, one of the 3 macronutrients that make up our food along with proteins and lipids, which drum roll, cannot be digested and absorbed by our body! Ah yes, really So how can it be useful to me you will say to mes?

Fiber has multiple benefits for our digestive and overall health. Here are 6 of them! They…

Amplify satiety

Do you know by what mechanism we realize that we are no longer hungry? It is the stomach which, once distended, sends a message to the brain to advise it that we can stop eating. The fibers add volume. Have you ever seen a chia seed in liquid Pouff it swells and takes up space. In summary, fiber allows you to be full with smaller portions of food..

Products from my range that I am very proud of are my fruit and chia spreads, which stand out on the market for their fiber content: 2 g for a tablespoon. A great alternative to classic sweet jams:


Extend the duration of meals by requiring chewing

Fibers are long molecules that require a greater effort for our mouth to break them into smaller pieces. An example: a whole apple is rich in fiber. It will take us some time to chew it. While applesauce, where a good part of the fibers have been crushed by the food processor, is consumed much more quickly. You see me coming, apple juice, devoid of any fiber, is drunk in no time!

Aid in weight loss

Fiber is not digested, so it does not provide energy. As these help us to slow down our food intake, to give our body time to send us its signals of satiety and to feel more satiated, it goes without saying that these are great aisles when we have a weight loss goal!

Provide better glycemic control

Fibers slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and therefore, by the same token, help distribute the arrival of carbohydrates in the blood over time. In this way, we reduce very high blood sugar levels in a short period of time. Why Avoid High Blood Sugar Levels Repeatedly, over years, in addition to other factors, can increase the risk of developing type II diabetes..

Trap dietary cholesterol to prevent its absorption

A cholesterol sponge, it almost exists! Soluble fibers absorb water and thus create a gel in the intestine. The latter captures dietary cholesterol before it is absorbed! Increasing your fiber intake, among other recommendations, is ideal when you have cholesterol..

A food high in soluble fiber is whole oats. This is the star ingredient of my Swiss-style muesli with almonds, raisins and cashew nuts: a real delight with yogurt and fruit for breakfast!


Regulates intestinal transit

Constipation problem Diarrhea In the majority of cases, increasing our fiber intake is one of the first recommendations. If having a bowel movement is rare, the insoluble fibers found mainly in whole grain cereal products should be consumed because they increase the volume of the stool. If our stools are rather frequent and liquid, we move towards soluble fibers which absorb water and allow them to be firmed up. We find them among other things in legumes and fruits.s.

Burst fibrous issuesle

Convinced to increase your fiber intake now?

The recommendation for women is 25-50g per day. For men, we are talking about 30 to 50 g.

where can i find them?

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grain cereal products and legumes are excellent sources of fiber! In summary, a very large part of the plant world!

How do I know if my grocery product is high in fiber??

By looking at the % Daily Value (% D.V.) of fiber (located under Carbohydrates) on the product's Nutrition Facts label. A very simple rule to remember: below 5% is not much, above 15% is a lot!

Want to start a process to eat better?

Call us at 1 877 761-5456, a nutritionist from our team will be happy to guide you towards achieving your goals!

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