Quebecers' interest in ready-to-cook is constantly increasing. Moreover, this popularity has rapidly accelerated since the start of the pandemic. Personally, I believe that this industry offers an interesting solution that can suit many households. I am therefore generally in favor of this market offer.

The strong points

The use of ready-to-cook makes it possible to:

  • Explore new flavors and new foods (don't we always tend to cook the same recipes))
  • Develop culinary skills (many have learned to cook thanks to the very detailed recipe cards)
  • Save time (not insignificant without counting the queues at the grocery store)
  • Reduce stress related to meal preparation and planning

The weak spots

  • The great variability in the nutritional balance. Some meals are balanced and provide interesting nutritional values while this is not the case at all for others. For example, some meals do not contain enough protein to make a complete meal, others have a high calorie count or a sodium content approaching the maximum recommended intake for the day.


  • Food waste :in some cases, there is a reduction in wastage since the quantity delivered is exactly what was to be used. On the other hand, the formula in the form of a subscription sometimes takes customers by surprise, ending up with an unwanted forgotten order.
  • The cost : Depending on your eating habits and inventory management, opting for ready-to-cook could even reduce your food-related expenses!

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