Découvrez tous les bienfaits des grains germés dans cet article d'Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition pour le Journal de Montréal.

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Breads containing sprouted grains are sought after by some consumers. Sprouted grains are grains that have undergone an intentional process of sprouting. Germination is a controlled process involving humidity, temperature and time. During germination, grains undergo biochemical reactions that modify their nutritional composition, in particular by making their nutrients more available to the body.

Effect of sprouting:

  • Proteins are broken down into their components, amino acids, making them more available and easier to digest. For example, some gliadins, proteins found in gluten-containing grains, are broken down, which may make these grains more digestible for some people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
  • The starch present in the endosperm is transformed into simple sugars, which are easier to digest.
  • Depending on the duration of the sprouting process, the fiber content may increase as the amount of starch decreases.
  • Sprouting increases the bioavailability of iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and folic acid. It also increases the content of antioxidant components (vitamins, flavonoids, etc.).
  • Sprouting reduces the content of phytic acid, a component naturally present in plants that binds to certain micronutrients and reduces their absorption by the body. Through germination, the availability of minerals like phosphorus increases.

The properties of sprouted grains:

  • They increase the bioavailability of certain nutrients
  • They aid the digestion of grains in some people
  • Breads made from sprouted grains tend to keep longer
  • They bring taste and texture

The 100% whole wheat bread with sprouted wheat from the St-Méthode bakery is a good way to gradually introduce sprouted grains into your diet. As a bonus, it provides only 22 g of carbohydrates, is a good source of dietary fiber and provides only 140 mg of sodium. A more interesting choice for his overall health!

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