What are the best salad dressings available on the market? Isabelle Huot analyzes the products in her article in the Journal de Montréal.


It's the height of harvest season and well-stocked salads are very popular. Personally, I cannot do without salads; so many variations are possible on the same themes. And what about vinaigrettes? If the oil-vinegar and seasonings trio is a simple classic to make, many prefer the practicality of store-bought dressings. I offer you choices that stand out on the market. These vinaigrettes especially seduced me by the quality of their list of ingredients.

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Which salad dressings offer the best nutritional profiles? Isabelle Huot offers you her favorites in her article in the Journal de Montréal.

In her article in the Journal de Montréal, Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition, offers you the best vinaigrettes available on the market.

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