Plats frais : Comment est-ce possible de conserver des repas frais prêts à manger 7 jours? Faites le point dans l'article d'Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition.


It has now been 11 years since I embarked on the great adventure of food supply. Although my mission has remained the same, over time, my products have evolved greatly. From the very beginning of the company, I developed a range of frozen and healthy ready-to-eat meals. A range that still exists and is very popular by the way! Over the years, I have also seen a need for complementary products; fresh ready-to-eat meals, in particular. On May 11, my brand new range of fresh meals (always healthy, of course), was launched and available on my online store.

While frozen meals are favored by some for their convenience and durability, others prefer the flavors and textures that a fresh meal offers. That said, two questions come up regularly: Are fresh meals more nutritious than frozen foods?? » and How is it possible to keep meals fresh for such a long time?? » Spotlight on advances in the food industry!

Storage: frozen vs fresh!

Although offering frozen meals is a must for many, some people still prefer to enjoy fresh meals. However, what about their nutritional value Is there a range to promoter?

In terms of maintaining nutritional quality, freezing is a very effective method of preservation. Even without the addition of additives, it preserves the nutrients present in food. Some vitamins or minerals deteriorate over time due to exposure to different factors such as light, oxygen or heat. Freezing the products prevents this degradation.

As for fresh produce, the shelf life may vary depending on the method used for packaging. A meal wrapped with plastic wrap will quickly lose organoleptic quality and freshness, thus affecting the shelf life of the product. To overcome this problem, some manufacturers will resort to adding preservatives to the food itself, a common and safe process, which I still prefer to limit. Recently, innovation in the food industry has surprised people with cutting-edge technology that increases the shelf life of products, without requiring the addition of additives. Ready for a little foray into this fabulous world?

Learn about modified atmosphere storage

Completely natural, this technology slows down the degradation of food by modifying the compounds found in the atmosphere (packaging) of the product. While ambient air is approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, the atmosphere to which the product in this packaging will be exposed may vary. Indeed, the composition is created to measure in order to optimize conservation. This natural modification triples the shelf life of food. Impressive, isn't it? For these reasons, this is the technology I have chosen to rely on for my brand new range of fresh meals. Thanks to this, the meals are delivered to you fresh and can be kept for up to 7 days in the refrigerator, after which you can choose to place them in the freezer if you have not had the opportunity to eat them.

Strongly reduce food waste!

Reduced food waste is another notable benefit of modified atmosphere storage. Moreover, for some, the simple fact of having recourse to ready-to-eat allows a great reduction in waste related to the kitchen. If you cook little or if you are used to poorly planning your purchases, betting on ready-to-eat can help you reduce the amount of food put in the trash. Did you know that food waste is what influences your food budget the most Not convinced Calculating is convincing!e!

To conclude, I am of the opinion that technological advances have not finished surprising. Used wisely, these will undoubtedly allow us to improve the quality of our food, while allowing us to fight against certain issues related to the environment, food safety and waste. Want to taste the wonders of modified atmosphere conservation?

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  • Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition

    @Nicole : Bonjour Nicole, merci pour votre commentaire. C’est un procédé qui se fait en usine, mais qui sait, peut-être est-ce qu’il sera possible de faire la même chose à la maison! :)

  • Cicciarello Nicole

    Bonjour Mme Huot, très intéressant voir article sur la façon de préserver la qualité des aliments sains sur une période de sept jours.
    Est-ce qu’il est possible pour nous de procéder à ce changement quand il vient le temps d’emballer nos recettes. Pour les gens seuls qui cuisine c’est intéressant de savoir qu’il y aurait possibilité de garder nos aliments frais plus longtemps, ça nous empêcherait de manger la même chose 4 jours consécutifs.
    Merci de votre attention

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