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Summer holidays are over, you’re slowly falling back into the old routine… Before you know it, it’s back-to-school season again! And with it, of course, comes lunchbox prep. Here are my tips to help make lunch planning simpler and more enjoyable.

  1. Create an Idea Box

Whether virtual or on paper, an idea box can be a magical solution when you’re suffering from a lack of inspiration. Fill it with images of delicious-looking meals, sandwich filler recipes, meal salads, and more. Get the kids involved, their fertile imaginations can provide even more inspiration!

  1. Plan meals for the week

Planning meals saves time the rest of the week. Always start with an inventory of the food you have on hand. Several meal ideas can spring up right then and there. Ask the kids to help... that way, they’ll enjoy what’s in their lunchboxes… and may even help with prep!

  1. Prepare veggies

The best way to eat more vegetables is to cut them up as soon as you get back from the grocery store. This makes it easy to quickly add them to lunchboxes. Take them out again after school or after work… paired with a yogurt dip, they make for an ideal snack!

  1. Always have snacks on hand

It’s the middle of the week and you’re running low on fresh fruit? No problem! Canned fruit, yogurt cups, and energy bites make perfect snacks. Having several options means you won’t be missing anything… and helps bring a little variety to the lunchbox, which can make it more interesting.

  1. Cook in larger quantities

Prepare larger quantities of certain foods. During the week, you can use them to put together all-new meals. A bit of quinoa, some chicken, a sliced Lebanese cucumber, some dressing… and voilà! And leftover chicken is perfect in a chicken, pesto, and tomato sandwich.

Lunchbox sandwich ideas

  • Chickpea spread, cucumber sticks, and lettuce. Roll it all up in a slice of Campagnolo 9 Whole Grains Bread.

  • 2 slices of Les Grains St-Méthode Multi-Cereal Bread with eggs and guacamole.

  • BLT Club: 2 slices of La récolte St-Méthode Integral Bread with a blended spread of mayonnaise and yogurt, along with some chicken, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

  • A slice of Campagnolo 100% Whole Wheat Bread, canned tuna, and raw veggies. Perfect for a deconstructed meal!

  • 2 slices of Les Grains St-Méthode Whole Oat Bread, some leftover pulled pork, coleslaw, and light Swiss cheese.

Summing up

  • Create an idea box for days when inspiration is lacking.

  • Plan meals for the week to make sure you’re not missing anything.

  • Quickly prepare vegetables and fruits so you always have some ready and on hand.

  • Make sure to have several snack options to offer some variety.

  • Cook larger quantities of food to have enough leftovers for lunches.

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