Des résolutions qui perdurent : un article de la Docteure en nutrition, Isabelle Huot, en collaboration avec la Boulangerie St-Méthode.

Collaboration with St-Méthode Bakery

At the start of each year, many people make New Year’s resolutions… and just as many drop them a few weeks later. The problem? Resolutions that are too extreme, requiring too many compromises in one’s daily life. What if this year, we focus on adding foods to your diet rather than eliminating them? Let’s look at 3 musts that are easy to include… and that come with a wealth of health benefits.

1. Eat more whole grains

Whole grains are more nutritious than refined grains as they contain more fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eating more whole grains therefore increases your fibre intake, which can help reduce the risks of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. There is no shortage of sources when it comes to whole grains—including those available from St-Méthode Bakery, a Quebec-based company whose healthy breads are increasingly popular. These include the 100% Whole Grain with Sprouted Wheat Loaf in the Les Grains St-Méthode range, which uses integral wheat flour and provides 5 g of fibre per 2-slice serving (58 g). As we kick off the year, swap your refined flour bread for loaves made with whole grain flour, like those from St-Méthode Bakery.

2. Eat enough protein

Proteins are essential nutrients for your body. They are involved in the production of muscles and hormones. They also help provide a feeling of fullness. Protein is found in foods of animal origin, like chicken or eggs, but plant-based foods—like legumes and whole grains—can also be good sources of protein. The Quinoa Bread in the Les grains St-Méthode range, made with whole quinoa flour, contains 10 g of plant-based protein per 2-slice serving (69 g)—an excellent part of a satisfying meal

3. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are bursting with vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre and antioxidants, all of which are significant contributions to your health. They promote a feeling of fullness and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. More is always better. You can progressively increase your intake of vegetables to transition to 5 to 7 portions per day. On a budget? Frozen vegetables are super practical and budget friendly. In winter, don’t forget that vegetable-packed soups are also a good way to fill up on vitamins.

Summing up :

  • - While many people make resolutions, they rarely keep them up over time.
  • - This year, let’s try to add good foods to our diets, rather than focusing on restrictions.
    - Eating more whole grains, protein, and vegetables can help optimize your health.

    Have a happy and healthy 2024! 

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