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We all agree that with the current pandemic situation, our lifestyles are turned upside down. As a doctor in nutrition, I of course advocate healthy eating, but also the pleasure of eating. The meal should not be based on a mathematical calculation of the amount of nutrients to take or not to exceed. Taking the time to enjoy a meal is based on several factors, including appreciating the flavors, textures and colors of the dishes served, but also emphasizing the social aspect that surrounds the meal; take time to discuss, exchange with our family, our friends or our colleagues* or simply unwind by favoring a calm atmosphere to savor the present moment. If you put aside all the "rules" of eating well to improve your relationship with food by focusing on mindful eating?

Also called intuitive eating, this approach invites you to take a real break from eating so you can be aware of the moment and enjoy every bite. You eat standing at the corner of the counter Swallow a soft bar in the car, for lack of having taken the time to have breakfast This reflection is essential! Make meals a priority, even if you live alone. People who follow this approach have a lower BMI (body mass index) and higher self-esteem. They also suffer less from anxiety and depression..

My tips for putting it all into practice:

Listen to your real hunger, before each meal, rate your level of hunger on a scale of 1 to 10. Rediscover the pleasure of cooking meals and snacks yourself. During meals, take the time to set a beautiful table, as we often say, we eat first with our eyes. Eating in a nice place will enhance the appreciation of your meal time. Set aside a good 30 minutes for this break, making sure to sit down and avoid distractions. We live in a world filled with various stimulations, take advantage of mealtimes to take a break from this hectic world. For me, no cell phone at the table (except to share a nice photo on my Instagram feedm 😊), I much prefer to devote myself to my moment of tasting and sharing! And finally, the most important piece of advice: don't forbid yourself any food, if a bar of chocolate makes you crave, make sure to taste it with full awareness. By doing this, we bet that you will be satisfied much sooner and will not want to swallow a 2e closed off.

In summary

Mindful eating is associated with lower BMI and higher self-esteemIt allows you to honor your hunger and to listen to signals of satietyIt emphasizes the exploitation of all the senses to better savor foodIt does not prohibit any foodIt is associated with better physical and psychological health.
* please, always respect the health rules in force.

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  • Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition

    @Rosane: Merci! Mais qu’entendez-vous par vrais menus?

  • Rosane Veilleux

    J’aime beaucoup vous lire. je suis à la recherche de vrai menu pour moi…

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