Les tendances alimentaires 2023 : un article de la Docteure en nutrition Isabelle Huot en collaboration avec la Boulangerie St-Méthode.

Collaboration with St-Méthode Bakery


What does 2023 hold in store for us as far as food is concerned? There’s no doubt that the events of recent years have shaken up every aspect of our daily lives—including our dietary habits. These new habits continue to adapt to our new reality, brought about by, among other things, the pandemic, remote working, and a growing concern about climate change and the health of our planet. The food trends listed here offer a look at the future of our plates in 2023.

  • Dairy returns in full force

  • In 2019, dairy products were ousted from Canada’s Food Guide, which led many people to reconsider how essential they are to our diet. But the move towards natural ingredients is signalling their return in full force. The protein content in milk, yogurt, and cheese is also very distinctive compared to that in vegetable substitutes. People also like to encourage local farms and enjoy cheese from the province, which offers an aromatic palette that is much sought-after.

  • The popularity of pro- and prebiotics

  • A growing interest in the microbiota and the discovery of its influence on our well-being have resulted in an explosion of agri-food products with added probiotics and prebiotics. Fermented products are becoming more popular, and their availability will be even more widespread in 2023, with various enriched beverages, cereals, and bars hitting the shelves! St-Méthode’s breads that contain inulin, a prebiotic fibre, are also popular—as is the case with the bakery’s 100% Whole Grain with Sprouted Wheat Loaf!

  • First, imitation meat… now, imitation fish!

  • Recent novelties in the world of animal protein substitutes include vegan alternatives to fish and seafood. The agri-food industry is trying to meet the specific desires of consumers who, on the one hand, want to enjoy the benefits of a seafood-rich diet, but on the other hand, are concerned about the state of our oceans, overfishing, and mercury contamination in marine animals. Among the most highly sought-after products that are likely to make their way into grocery stores soon are entirely plant-based shrimp, tuna, and salmon substitutes.

    So-called “Mood Foods”

    With the increased prevalence of depression and anxiety, mental health is a priority in 2023. Foods that can modulate mood will be popular. Functional ingredients, including psychotropic compounds, are making their way into our food. They are derived from, among other things, the cannabis plant, mushrooms, and even cow’s milk. Beyond their effect on our physical health, these compounds can also be beneficial to the state of our mental and emotional health. Consumers appreciate psychotropic compounds like CBD (cannabidiol) and alpha-lactalbumin (a protein in milk) for certain advantages they can provide, such as a relaxation effect, improved quality of sleep, and stress reduction. As the saying goes, “healthy mind, healthy body!”

    To sum up, in 2023, we will see:

    1. Dairy products returning in full force
    2. The expansion of various types of foods enriched with probiotics and prebiotics
    3. The emergence of vegan products as substitutes for fish and seafood
    4. The integration of psychotropic compounds in various foods

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