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Eating healthy requires simple daily tips! Who better to guide us in our eating habits than our nutritionists?


Recently, I had the pleasure of announcing my partnership with ÉquipeNutrition, a company founded by Guillaume Couture 10 years ago. ÉquipeNutrition is positioned as a leader in clinical nutrition in Quebec. What's more, the company's desire to help more people and share the knowledge of its experts on a larger scale, now leads it to work on expanding the business.

With our association,Isabelle Huot nutritionist clinicsnow has 65 offices in Quebec and our services will soon be available outside the province.Together, our mission is to offer you unparalleled service, personalized service to your needs and adapted to the latest in food science.

That said, when announcing this partnership, we wanted to make our team members shine by sharing some of the best advice from our nutritionist-dietitians.

Here is what they had to convey:

Astuces de nutritionistes sur le blogue d'Isabelle Huot

Johana Patenaude , nutritionist Drummondville and Trois-Rivières

« Having a good nutritious snack in the afternoon gives you the energy and patience to cook for dinner!»

Many clients arrive home after work with their stomachs in their heels! This intense hunger pushes us to maintain inadequate eating behaviors in the long term: eating quickly and beyond our satiety, selecting foods on the go, snacking, etc. In order to avoid these behaviors, we recommend that you honor your hunger when it is moderate and therefore,add an afternoon snack to avoid cravings when you get home from work!

Claudie-Anne Fortin , nutritionist Gatineau and Aylmer

« Dare to take the risk of not finishing the plate! There is one certainty in life, hunger will always come back!»

Learning to eat while respecting satiety can be a real challenge for many. This suggests that the plate does not have to be finished at all times. Is it realistic to believe that 100% of the time you fill your plate by accurately assessing your body's needs?

To free yourself from the plate and know your type of eater, visit

Krystel Dube, Laval nutritionist

« To ensure long-term motivation and healthy nutrition, it is important to bet on the batting average rather than emphasizing the home run! A less good day is not the end of a whole week! Perfection does not exist, and it is also true for what we eat!»

We tend to be extremely critical of ourselves. Overall, we regularly see that our clients tend to focus on the element that was the most difficult rather than realizing the great successes it has accomplished! It is important not to aim for perfection and to fuel small successes.

Audrey Charon,nutritionist Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

«Take the time to savor each bite. Also take a break during meals, between bites. Developing the pleasure of savoring helps us to get rid of the need to over-consume.»

With our hectic lifestyle, we take too little time to eat. If we do not take care to savor the foods we eat, we appreciate them much less. Thus, the desire to consume food for pleasure alone and not with real hunger is likely to arise more frequently. Food is a pleasure of life, learning to enjoy it daily is a great gift to give yourself!

Maude Lalonde, Quebec nutritionist

« Qwhen we considerto change an eating habit, the question to ask: am I comfortable enough with this new habit to keep it for 10, 20, 30 years If the answer is no, we must look for another healthy eating solution that will be sustainable. »

The diet mentality is very embedded in our society. Our mission as nutritionists is to inspire our clients to change their habits in a realistic way, and forever. Too often we think, wrongly, that we can change our lifestyle habits temporarily to reap the benefits. Unfortunately, the literature has amply confirmed that this diet approach does not work!

Carol Ann Robert , dietitian-nutritionist in Halifax, Nova Scotia

« Find what works for YOU and fits your lifestyle. An adapted and personalized diet is the key!»

More and more, our clients come to our clinic informed. They often wonder about fad diets or wonder if they have to eat like someone else to get results. Unfortunately, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone. It's important to personalize our approach to find a strategy that fits your lifestyle. We can give the most relevant advice, but if the recommendations are not followed over the long term, we have gained nothing!

Catherine Clement-Dumas, nutritionist Valleyfield

« To stay well hydrated, trying flavored water is going for it! A summer day in good company is a pleasure to share!»

How many customers tell us that they have difficulty drinking water! Although it may seem simple, it is a daily challenge for many! Adding a little fantasy to your water can convince many people to drink it more regularly!

Follow the following link to discover recipe ideas for flavored waters:

Frederique Dignard, nutritionist Brossard

« Plan and prepare the vegetables first! What do I eat with my vegetables rather than, What do I eat with my pasta allows a better nutritional balance!! »

Put forward by the latest version of Canada's Food Guide, the healthy plate should (mostly) be half filled with vegetables! However, we have always been taught to plan meals based on protein. What are we eating tonight Chicken skewers, salmon, spaghetti If we wait until the last minute to find inspiration for accompaniments, it's a safe bet that they will be neglected. Meal planning should put vegetables and cooking them more at the forefront.n.

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