Astuces pour des vacances amusantes et santé. Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition vous propose des idées à intégrer dans son article en collaboration avec la Boulangerie St-Méthode.

Collaboration with St-Méthode Bakery

Holidays rhyme with pleasure! We spoil ourselves, both in terms of our food choices and the consumption of alcoholic beverages (or mocktails). We participate in a host of outdoor activities with the whole family. Holidays under the sign of health, mission possible?

Enjoying life and resting time while thinking about your well-being is quite realistic. My advice!

On the BBQ:

► Grilling is ideal for cooking thick-fleshed fish and shrimp skewers.

► Think grilled vegetables or vegetables in foil. The plants of Quebec are at the rendezvous, their unequaled flavor and their great freshness make them the perfect companions of our health.

► Dare to cook fruits on the grill: grilled pineapples and peaches make delicious healthy desserts.

To drink :

► Wines that are low in alcohol and low in sugar (below 4 g per litre) are interesting options. They are lower in calories than most other alcoholic beverages.

► Light beers are also good choices. They provide less alcohol and carbohydrates.

► The heat increases our water needs. Naturally flavored water with citrus slices, fruits and herbs is still the best option. Commercial liquid flavorings have unflattering ingredient lists.

► Think homemade lemonade or iced tea with minimal added sugar.

On a picnic:

► Reinvent the sandwich so that it becomes festive! The Campagnolo bread sandwich with ricotta-cucumber and mint leaves is particularly refreshing. We also like the grilled vegetable, hummus and pumpkin seed sandwich for a touch of crunch.

► Make tomato-bocconcini-cubes of toasted bread and basil skewers.

► Vary the raw vegetables with seasonal vegetables: Broccoli-cauliflower florets, sliced fennel, Lebanese cucumber, Nantes carrots, baby tomatoes.

► Opt for drinks in individual format such as Tetra Pak, such as soy drinks or UHT milk since they can be stored at room temperature.

If the beautiful wicker baskets are the prettiest, it is the cooler that keeps food cool that is the best option. We bring ice packs and we freeze our drinks to keep our food very cold.

In summary :

  • A holiday under the sign of health is possible.
  • We take the opportunity to cook healthy on the barbecue.
  • We monitor sugar consumption in our alcoholic drinks or in mocktails.
  • We reinvent our picnics with original sandwiches and seasonal raw vegetables.
  • We make sure to combine pleasure and health!

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