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Find the perfect marriage of peanuts and chocolate in these gourmet, nutritious energy balls. A satiating snack with 9 g of protein!

Already a fan of my new Peanut & Chocolate Energy Balls? Personally, I find them decadent, yet nutritious!

As a discerning consumer, you've no doubt paid close attention to the ingredient list of my new product. Were you surprised to find the word Sugars at the very top? Let me explain!

Since the changes made to food labelling, the aim has been to simplify the consumer's task of quickly identifying the sugars present in a product. As a result, all the sugars used to make up the product must now be grouped together in brackets after the word Sugars, in descending order of weight. This category now includes fruit purée, i.e. dried date purée, which makes up the majority of my new product.

Let's face it, there are many differences between date purée and simple added sugar! Date purée is a natural product that provides fiber and also contains minerals essential to overall health. But, hey, legislation spares no company in the agri-food sector, so we have to comply!

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Ingrédients : Sucres (pâte de dattes pure, sirop d’agave*) • Arachides grillées • Poudre de protéines de pois* • Beurre d’arachides naturel (arachides)• Pépites de chocolat*[masse de cacao* (liqueur de cacao), sucre de canne*, beurre de cacao*, poudre de cacao naturelle*] • Poudre de cacao • Sel de mer.

Contient: Arachides.

Peut contenir: Amandes • Noix de cajou • Noix de Grenoble • Sésame • Soja • Noyaux ou fragments de noyaux de dattes.


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