In summer, market garden products are very present on our grocery store shelves. I believe it is very important to encourage our producers here by purchasing local products. This is also the case with herbs. Did you know that many vegetable farms grow herbs? This is among others the case of the Guinois et fils farm! It was a real pleasure for me to discuss the cultivation of fine herbs with Geneviève Guinois.

Cooking herbs

Many people do not know how or for what reasons to integrate herbs. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, they can flavor a dish without increasing the amount of sodium inside. Knowing that in Canada, the majority of the population exceeds the recommended amounts, herbs are therefore a very interesting alternative. To discover other tips for limiting salt in your recipes, I invite you to watch my nutrition capsule: How to reduce your sodium intake .

Watch my nutrition capsule in collaboration with MétéoMédia to learn all about herbs:

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