In this live video, I have the honor of chatting with the duo Judith&Geneviève, made up of social worker Judith Petitpas and nutritionist Geneviève Arbour. In addition to their respective professional titles, Judith and Geneviève have several years of experience in private consulting. They are also authors and founders of Judith&Geneviève, which notably offers online self-care; The Monday Method.

Eating disorders

Many people live with an eating disorder. I also discussed it with psychoeducator and psychotherapy intern Marie-Alexandre Ayotte during a live video:stop eating your emotions. Several resources are available to help people in need, do not hesitate to contact us.make an appointment with a nutritionist to discuss with a healthcare professional.

Discover the best tips from Judith and Geneviève to put an end to food cravings:

Le duo Judith&Genevieve discute de rages alimentaires avec la Docteure en nutrition Isabelle Huot, dans cette vidéo en direct.

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