In this live video, I have the honor of receiving DoctorSylvain Iceta, psychiatrist and Doctor in neuroscience. He is currently working in a research team at Laval University, with which he studies the behavioral and cerebral changes associated with bariatric surgery. He also sits on the National Student Executive Committee of Obesity Canada.

Mental health and nutrition

The links between mental health and food are certainly present in many people. The brain and emotions both play an important role in food intake. If you think you have eating behaviors that are harmful to your health, do not hesitate tomake an appointment witha nutritionistyou. Several others resources are also available to help people living with eating disorders. Moreover, discover the best tips from psychoeducator Marie-Alexandre Ayotte to have a healthy relationship with food, in this video:stop eating your emotions.

You are curious to know more about the multiple factors that influence food intake Emotions, obesity, anxiety, depression, disorder deficitattention and more. Watch this video with Dr. Sylvain Iceta to learn more.

Faites le point sur les liens entre la santé mentale et l'alimentation dans cette vidéo en direct avec le Dr. Sylvain Iceta.

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