Facebook live with the wonderful chef Mélanie Marchand, a graduate of the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec

Personally, I love cheese! When Mélanie offered me to make recipes featuring this ingredient, it was impossible for me to refuse.

Here are the 4 recipes prepared by our dear Mélanie for this live video:

  • Melted grilled cheese with pears and honey
  • Cottage & maple pancakes
  • Mini peppers stuffed with cheese and pesto
  • Spanakopita spinach-cheese and mint
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Découvrez les savoureuses recettes de Mélanie Marchand mettant en valeur le fromage! Des recettes et délicieuses à découvrir!

Watch the latest live videos of our chef Mélanie Marchand
You appreciate Mélanie so much that I thought of grouping together her most recent live videos of her cooking. His videos are goldmines of information. You know her, in addition to her favorite recipes, she shares her best tips and tricks on buying and preparing food, cooking and preservation techniques... In short, on everything that can help you in the kitchen!

Thematic recipes in video:

Cook the plants

Anti-depression recipes

Recipes for a healthy heart

Cook the pumpkin

Slow Cooker Recipes

Jazz up your lunches

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