Do you often make more impulsive purchases when you wait at the checkout in supermarkets #MALBOUFFECAISSESS


This topic has been talked about a lot in the media lately. Although many people are outraged by a measure that they believe shows excessive control, I remain in favor of the latter.

Those who disapprove of the initiative advocate freedom of choice. The consumer being a responsible individual, he will be able to make thoughtful choices, consistent with his own desires, objectives or values.

However, isn't the current position of these products at checkout already a way of manipulating the consumer Unfortunately yes! These products are not arranged like this by chance. Market studies on consumer behavior at the point of purchase have led to the conclusion that the presence of low-nutrition foods at checkouts encourages many people to make unconsidered purchases, often later regretted.

So, why not simply use this marketing technique in favor of healthy products and place fruits and vegetables on promotion or even ugly vegetables? »?

Think about it! If it was the healthy products that were present at the checkouts and that we were evaluating their replacement by ultra-processed products rich in fat and sugar so that the merchants make more money, would you not be indignant?

Finally, although we are obviously responsible for our choices, can you say that all the decisions made on a daily basis are rational Not at all! For many, it is much harder than you might think to resist these foods. If you are in complete control of your food choices, this is optimal, but this is not the case for everyone. While it is easy to avoid a row at the grocery store to avoid temptations, it is impossible to bypass the checkouts. Think about your health and also your wallet say no to junk food at checkout!s!

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