• Servings : 4
  • Preparation : 10 minutes
  • Calories : 210 cal
  • Carbohydrate : 33 g
  • Lipid : 3 g
  • Protein : 14 g
Yaki Onigiri thon et concombre. Une recette sur le blogue de la Docteure en nutrition Isabelle Huot, par la chef culinaire Mélanie Marchand.


    Tuna garnish

    • 1 conserve (170 g) de thon, dans l’eau, sans sel, égoutté
    • 45 ml (3 c. à soupe) de céleri, haché finement
    • 30 ml (2 c. à soupe) de mayonnaise
    • 2 oignons verts, ciselés finement
    • Sel et poivre au goût

    For the Onigiri

    • 500 ml (2 tasses) de riz à grains courts, cuit
    • 12 à 16 tranches de concombre, minces


    1 - In a bowl, combine all the ingredients for the tuna filling. Season and set aside.

    2 - On a work surface, place a piece of plastic wrap.

    3 - Place ¼ cup of rice in the center. Mash and make a circle. Set aside.

    4 - Take another piece of plastic wrap and put it in your hand.

    5 - Place ¼ cup of rice in the center. Mash and make a circle (the circumference of your hand).

    6 - Add 2 tbsp of tuna garnish.

    7 - Garnish with a few slices of cucumber.

    8 - Place on top of the another plastic wrap (the rice should be on top and the filling in the middle).

    9 - Close the plastic wrap in your hand to form a ball.

    10 - Compress well to secure. Form a triangle.

    11 - Repeat the operation with the rest of the ingredients.

    ** These preparations can be kept in this way, 3 to 5 days at refrigerator.

    12 - When ready to serve, remove the plastic wrap and heat for a few minutes on each side in a non-stick pan. ot

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