You probably already know this, but I love vegetables. Roasted in the oven, grilled on the BBQ, in raw vegetables or in salads, there are many ways to integrate them.

Meal salads

Personally, I love meal salads. A great way to incorporate plenty of veggies, whole grains, and plant-based protein into a light, nutritious, and refreshing dinner. Would you like to cook the best meal salads? I give my advice in this nutrition capsule: The ABCs of a good meal-salad . But what would a good salad be without its dressing? In fact, I also talked about it in an article for the Journal de Montréal to help you make an informed choice at the grocery store: The Best Vinaigrettes .

Varieties of lettuce

There are many varieties of lettuce, and they all provide essential nutrients. Thanks to this video in collaboration with MétéoMédia, I had the chance to discuss the cultivation of lettuces with Alain Guinois from the vegetable farm A. Guinois et fils.

Lettuces:Which one to choose and why include this food in our menu? Take stock in this video by Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition.

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