Découvrez l'histoire inspirante de Éric Boulanger qui a modifié ses habitudes de vie et perdu 70 livres.


How to succeed in your health shift

Here is the testimony of Éric Boulanger, the father of our Sandrine (a pearl who has been working with me for a few months already). Sandrine having briefly told me about her incredible journey, I immediately wanted to know more and talk to her personally. Eric Boulanger has always beensedentary. Over the years, his weight climbed and his physical condition was deplorable. His crush on running was a revelation and he then decided to change his eating habits, without falling into a restrictive diet. After losing 70 pounds, the 51-year-old is fitter than ever. He now has 4 Ironman races to his credit and his 5th will be at the world championships in May 2022. Check out my interview with a man who thrives on sporting challenges!

Change your lifestyle in a winning way

Reading this testimonial of success and motivation has inspired you to review your lifestyle I recently discussed the subject of weight loss with Doctor Maurice Larocque in a live video: Secrets to successful weight loss.

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Are you looking to regain control of your weight, but don't know where to start? make an appointment with a nutritionist.

Read the rest of thearticle and discover his inspiring journey:

Lisez l'entrevue d'Isabelle Huot avec Éric Boulanger qui a perdu 70 livres en modifiant tout simplement ses habitudes de vie. Un parcours impressionnant!

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