Découvrez comment Monsieur Mazilu à modifié ses habitudes alimentaires à la suite d'un infarctus massif.


Originally from Romania, Puiu Mazilu has been living in Quebec for 17 years where he works as an engineer. In November 2020, his life changed when he suffered a massive heart attack at the age of just 43. Since then, he has completely revised his lifestyle, going from a diet rich in meats and sweets to a pesco-vegetarian diet. Meeting with a motivated father for whom health professionals have made a major difference.

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Although some risk factors are unavoidable, it is still possible to prevent heart disease and heart attack by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. I also discussed it with Doctor Martin Juneau during a live video:Prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Découvrez comment Monsieur Mazilu a modifié ses habitudes alimentaires à la suite d'un infarctus massif.

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