Les meilleures pizzas surgelées aux légumes du commerce : Les Tops d'Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition.


Are you used to eating store-bought frozen pizzas? It's a quick, effective solution that helps out and pleases the whole family. This section is generously stocked in supermarkets. Several new products appear each year and therefore, the choices are many. Veggie pizza is popular with many, and this vegetarian option is often lower in saturated fat and sodium (since deli meats are a significant source)..

What about homemade pizza?

Did you know that to make a homemade pizza, it is not necessary to have a pizza dough on hand Opt instead for a whole wheat tortilla or pita bread to make your job easier and as a bonus to improve the content of fibers. Then add your favorite vegetables and top with light cheese. Fancy an original and tasty recipe Discover my recipe for homemade leek-smoked gouda pizza and carrot pesto.

The best pizza choices in the grocery store

Although the homemade version is a fairly easy and quick option, store-bought frozen pizzas are still a convenience store meal. I have therefore analyzed the pizza offers on the market to help you make good choices in supermarkets.

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To read thecomplete article and discover the best choices of pizzas available on the market:

Top des pizzas au légumes surgelées sur le marché : quelles sont les marques qui proposent des valeurs nutritives intéressantes et qui se démarquent? Les pizzas surgelées aux légumes sous la loupe, découvrez l'analyse d'Isabelle Huot Docteure en nutrition pour en apprendre davantage sur cet aliment dépanneur.
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