Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to talk to you about chocolate! How often do you consume it Personally, I can't resist my chocolate sweetness every day! This is also why I decided to produce my own 70% dark chocolate with oatmeal and elderberry juice. A blend of flavors that I have loved for several years, available on my Online Store.

recipe ideas

Classic chocolate-based desserts are all the rage. If you enjoy the sweet and salty mix as much as I do, this recipe will undoubtedly please you:chocolate balls.

Dark chocolate is healthier?

Although I love chocolate, some choices in the grocery store are more interesting than others! White, milk or dark chocolate, did you know that the nutritional values, ingredients and benefits vary from one type to another? I talk about it in my article for the Journal de Montréal: chocolate please.

Discover all the benefits of cocoa, in this video:

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Discover all the manufacturing secrets of my tasty 70% dark chocolate:

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